Emergency Respite Supervision (24/7)

Maple Youth Services

Introduction to Emergency Respite Supervision

Maple Youth Services prides itself on its reputation as being leaders in providing reliable respite care for anyone, coming from any situation, at any time. Maple Youth Services operates 24/7 and has a team prepared to provide highly trained and experienced Emergency Respite Supports swiftly and efficiently to children and young people to ensure they are safe.

Maple Youth Services has access to a variety of safe, comfortable, and approved accommodation settings such as residential houses, hotels, and carer residencies. Our resilient and well-trained staff will focus on both safe accommodation as well as providing valuable emotional support to each child and youth persons.

What Emergency Respite Supervision?

Respite Supervision is the provision of a trained and qualified youth worker for a planned reoccurring or one-off, support for carers and children/young people between. Daytime Respite can occur in a variety of in or out-of-home settings. It can be for different lengths of time and frequency, depending on the needs of the child/young person and the carer. 

Respite may be provided as part of our youth workers development plan to support placement stability. Each case is also incorporated into any plan our youth workers make in case of any situation requiring Emergency Support.

Our Emergency Respite Services is provided 24/7 day or night.

Service Components

Maple’s Emergency Respite Services is effective in maintaining safety amongst children and young people. We believe that it is important that all youth can access planned or emergency respite of a type and level that suits their circumstances.

Maple Youth Services facilitate successful Respite Services by:

  • liaising with caseworker and stakeholders as required.
  • obtaining and reviewing the respite specifications prior to the respite session.
  • ensuring the respite arrangements are safe and meet the needs of the child/young person.
  • supervising and supporting the child/young person during the respite session.
  • ensuring respite sessions occur in the manner directed by caseworkers and stakeholders.
  • provide detailed reports on the outcome of respite shifts to be utilised in the child and young person’s ChildStory.

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Why Choose Maple for Emergency Respite Supervision.

Our focus is on our people

The children and young people we support are not just a number to us, they are a name, a person, and an integral part of our community. Our priority is getting to know them as a person, building a supportive team around their needs, and helping them achieve a brighter future.

We empower through Service

Our services are focus on the fostering of empowerment, positive experiences and stability. Through our skilled workforce, we are able to deliver services bespoke and tailored to the individual’s needs, interests, and background, meaning these 3 core fundamentals are achieved one all levels.

We Prioritse Safety

With our tagline being ‘Keep Them Safe’ – this one is a given. We prioritise the emotional and physical safety of those we support, and all those who are encompassed within our company’s community.

We are Committed

Whether it’s 10pm on a Wednesday or 11am on a Sunday; our team is always active, committed to ensuring our community has the supports they need in place when they need them. We are committed to providing the best Customer Service in the industry, and that’s why people choose us!

The Maple Commitment

Here at Maple Youth Services, we are committed to keeping our community safe. Providing Support is the backbone of our purpose, we listen and act in real time, and we empower our community through our vision of equal opportunities. It is our focus on looking forward and building sustainable futures for each-and-every one of our individuals, that sets us apart from the rest.

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