Maple Services and Settlement Services International Australia partner together to celebrate religious holidays

As the festive seasons of Easter and Ramadan-Eid approach, Maple Services has teamed up with SSI’s MCFP to launch an impactful initiative. This collaborative effort aims to provide backpacks filled with delightful goodies to young individuals from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. The initiative aims to support and empower these youth by providing them with resources that were previously unavailable to them. Through this effort, Maple Services and SSI’s MCFP seek to enable young individuals to celebrate their faith and culture with joy and excitement.

SSI Australia is a community organisation that supports refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, and people with disabilities to achieve their full potential in Australia. They provide a range of services, such as settlement, housing, employment, education, health and social inclusion. They also advocate for the rights and dignity of its clients and promotes diversity and multiculturalism in the Australian society. SSI Australia’s vision is to see a society that values the diversity of its people and actively provides support to ensure meaningful social and economic participation and to assist individuals and families to reach their potential.

SSI Multicultural Foster Care Program – MCFP

SSI’s MCFP is a program that provides foster care services for children and young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The program aims to strengthen children through culture by helping them maintain a connection to their ethnic background, religion, and language, as well as supporting their identity and belonging.

Maple Services

Maple Services is a NDIS Provider that provides a range of social, community and educational services to children, youth, families and individual with disabilities who came from all the diverse backgrounds. Maple Services aims to foster a safe, supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive and reach their full potential.

Maple Services x Settlement Services International

To celebrate Easter and Ramadan-Eid, two important religious festivals, Maple Services joined forces with SSI’s MCFP to give a special gift to the youth and children from diverse backgrounds. We gave them backpacks full of goodies that helped them honour their faith and culture and enjoy resources they didn’t have before.

The backpacks had fun and useful items that made the kids happy and cozy. They also had a personalised keepsake box with each kid’s name on it, so they could keep and treasure their memories and can be shared with everyone if they like. It had a water bottle, colouring kit, a pamphlet regarding their faith as well. Maple Services loved working with SSI on this project because both of them care about helping the kids feel connected to their culture and community. The best part was seeing the joy and wonder on the kids’ faces when they got their backpacks!

Learn more about this initiative from the interview below where SSI and MS Management shares their experience.