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Introduction to Mentoring

Maple Youth Services supports children and young people by providing a positive role model - a mentor - in their life for a variety of important occasions. Mentoring Plans are created through a key consultation process with each person, where key mentoring goals and skill development targets are planned out and then delivered by trained Maple Youth Services Youth Workers.

Our operations in regards to Mentoring is built on the understanding that everyone is unique and that what they require, is very different from person to person. Our broad breadth of Youth Workers are highly trained to adapt and support individuals from all walks of life with varying interests and goals. We take into consideration individual needs and characteristics to ensure a successful Mentor/Mentee Match – whether it be cultural, language, educational, interest or age as examples.

What is Mentoring?

Maple Youth Services mentoring is the provision of our appropriately trained and qualified Youth Workers to provide guidance and fundamental support to children and young people in need. This service is provided at specific durations that the child or youth requires, as determined by their initial assessment under the relevant support scheme.

Prior to any engagement, a caseworker will identify specific goals and skill development outcomes and will outline the number of sessions, packages and or duration that these services will be required. The programme can include activities both in the home such as supervision of homework as well as out of home such as attending a sporting team training session. It is then Maple’s role to turn these written goals into physically achieved outcomes.

Service Components

Mentoring and guidance support can take on may difference formats, depending on the individual’s goals and what they want to achieve in both the short and long term.

A couple of examples include:

  • Supervised homework.
  • Supervised tutoring service.
  • Support extracurricular activities such as dance, music, or art.
  • Support to attend sporting activities or training.
  • Working towards immediate socialisation or confidence goals.
  • Working towards long term educational goals.
  • Working towards independence and future success.
  • And more.

How does Maple Youth Services deliver Mentoring?

  • We match mentors and mentee based on interests, cultural alignment, and other key aspects to ensure a successful mentoring placement.
  • We implement a well structured mentoring program tailored to the mentee.
  • We get to know the mentee, understanding what their goals are, what they want to achieve, and importantly, how they will measure the success.
  • Our Mentoring Program is not just about providing a friend to talk to, we measure actions, outcomes and achievements to ensure a successful and effective program delivery.
  • Learning Gaps, Skill Development, Life-long goals, educational goals, self-regulating strategies, interests, strengths.

Our Mentoring Point of Difference

Superior Mentoring Plans

We establish, with the individual, a Mentoring Plan bespoke to the goals and gain their commitment to achieve.

Mentor / Mentee Matching

We work hard to successfully match Mentor and Mentee on interests, and experiences, and backgrounds.

Experienced Mentors

Our Team offer years of experience in delivering successful Youth Services and Supports Mentoring Programs.

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Our Experienced Mentors

Our Youth Workers have studied and trained diligently to understand and respond to the needs of children and young people whilst providing first-class mentoring support. Your team can feel confident and at ease with our Youth Workers’ exceptional skills, qualifications, and involvement within the industry. We pride ourselves on our countless years of experience providing services to children and young people in need – from management to support workers.

You work with a highly qualified Autism Specialist in Sydney or across Australia to improve your or your loved one’s life and enhance overall well being.

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